Flexibility & Mobility Training in Vauxhall, London

Who Am I

Hey there it’s Darryl, your new flexibility and mobility coach. With over a decade of experience in calisthenics as well as flexibility, mobility and biomechanics, I bring a unique combination of expertise and personal understanding to the table.

My Qualifications

Certified in Biomechanics and as a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist, my education is fortified by my background in personal training. I’ve gained hands-on experience in various fitness disciplines shaping my approach to training.

My Flexibility Journey

Unlike most, my journey into flexibility was born out of necessity and not out of a desire to touch my toes. I found myself falling prey to injury time and time again and this also held me back from performing certain calisthenics skills to the best of my ability.

The pursuit of achieving those moves, coupled with the need to reduce my chances of getting injured were my primary driving forces. But, as I explored this path I discovered something wonderful. Flexibility wasn’t just about those neat tricks or injury prevention. It was about enhancing my overall human experience.

I liken this to when you start working with a personal trainer with the goal to lose weight or gain mass. Initially, it’s all about looking good naked or fitting into that perfect wedding dress. But as you embark on the journey, you end up appreciating the process and the added health benefits that come along.

What I’m Offering

On this journey, you’ll benefit from:

  • Thorough assessments: To understand your body’s unique needs and pave the way for a personalised plan.
  • Exercise protocol: Highly targeted exercises based on your goals to ensure improvements.
  • Loaded flexibility and FRC techniques: These methods will help you expand your flexibility limits and gain control over your new range of motion.
  • Natural movement exploration: Here we investigate your movement patterns to boost your flexibility and mobility.
  • Homework tasks: Consistency is key. I’ll give you exercises to keep you on track between our sessions.

How We’ll Train Together

We’ll initially focus on exercises that will increase flexibility in your problem areas. Alongside the right movements, I’ll teach you how to control your breathing during exercises. Why? Because breathing right will help you relax during intense stretches

One thing that’s guaranteed in a session with me is the attention to detail. My approach is classical, personalised, and based entirely on you – your build, your movements, and any injuries you may be dealing with. Each exercise will be adapted and accommodated to ensure your needs are met effectively.

The sessions aim not only at imparting information, but I also want you to feel and grasp what is being taught. Say you’re having trouble activating a specific muscle. My goal is to guide you in developing a relationship with that muscle group.

If I feel you’re able to do something to take yourself to level up, then we’re going to go right for it. There’s so much we can do. I will find something to suit or challenge you in terms of flexibility, strength and endurance.

tl;dr: You’ll have fun and you’ll learn stuff, and there won’t be any gatekeeping from me.

The Facts

  • Pricing: £80 for a single session. £280 for a bundle of four sessions. £520 for a bundle of eight sessions.
  • Location: Sleven Gym, a cozy local space in Vauxhall, Southwest London.
  • Demographics: Who should attend? Anybody who values fitness.
  • Session Frequency: Once or twice a week, fortnightly, or at your discretion.
  • Booking: At least 24 hours’ notice ideally.
  • Cancellation policy: A notice of at least 12 hours in advance is required to avoid a cancellation fee.


What’s the difference between flexibility and mobility?

Flexibility is your passive range of motion while mobility is your active range.

How quickly can I notice progress?

It’s subjective but generally, you should see some improvement in a month.

Is there an age limit to start flexibility and mobility training?

No, age is not a deterrent. Everybody can benefit from it.

Can you train if you’ve got an injury?

Yes, with the appropriate modifications and medical, where necessary, clearance. It’s crucial to communicate your injury history before starting.

Can flexibility and strength go hand in hand?

Absolutely! The goal is to build a strong, flexible body.

Let’s book your session!

Ready to enhance your life with improved flexibility and mobility? Message me and let’s get started on this transformative journey.